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Southeast Asia with the equatorial tropical forest is rich in herbal plants. Since hereditary, the herbal diet has become accepted practice to overcome health problems.

Herbal-based healthy living is now entering the modern era. HPA Industries has succeeded in combining herbal products commercially. To date, over 200 types of products have been sold and more will be launched in the near future. HPA Industries Sdn Bhd emphasis on quality and production processes that ensure consistent product quality.

Supply herbal ingredients such as herbs cultivated self-owned farms. Given the strict observation of the key ingredients to ensure high product quality. All other herbal ingredients through a strict quality control and meet the prescribed conditions.

The consolidation of the spiritual in the manufacturing process, improving the integrity of the tasks to provide herbal treatments for humans.

"If They Know We Nutrition Herbs, they would Willing to convert Despite Pieces of Gold" - Tn Hj Ismail b Hj Ahmad


1) Manufactured according to standard "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP).
2) Approved by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB)
under the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
3) Certified HALAL by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).
4) Using a 100% herbal.
5) Does not contain any chemicals.
6) Does not contain steroids.
7) Beyond the limits of heavy metals test.
8) Beyond Microbial limit test.
9) Beyond the limit of the test liquid.
10) Effective and potent, clean and pure.
11) Use it without a doubt.

Herbal HPA issued in two forms: -

1) Capsule

2) Mine

1) Capsule:

For users who have been sick for years, use is proposed the use of capsules. To avoid the effects of too hot like dizziness, dry throat, coughing and others.

Herbal herbal capsule type is the fastest water-soluble and suitable for all users to the knowledge of all distributors. Capsules used were of certified halal industry.

2) Mine:

Use a pot herb in two forms, namely: -

2.1) Water Brewed

2.2) Essence Brewed

2.1) Water Brewed:

Broth used for pain that is not terrible and not too serious and boiled extracts used for serious illnesses.

The order of use: -

1-Put the mixture into the pot pot drugs (pot soil is best.

2-Add the water and measure the herbs (1:1).

3-Heat over low heat, slowly bring to boil. Make sure more than one hour.

4-Remove the herbs and store in refrigerator or dried dry.

5-Drink boiled water 3 times daily after meals (morning, afternoon and evening).

6-dose determined was a china tea cup (20ml).

7 - Heat the stock each time to drink.

8-Drink boiled water and repeat until the expiry of the stock the second time.

9-Drug pot only three times diluted ION (14 days).

2.2) Essence Brewed:
1-Using the "slow cooker".
2-Add the boiling water with a ratio of 1 part herb and 1 part water and use the lowest set for 4 hours.
3-Drink a cup of voids, and in this way serious, especially for patients.
** The above treatment is applied only after consultation HPA.
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HPA Alphabetical Product List

Mineral Water HPA - Red Label (600 ml, 1500 ml, 5.5 liters)
Alkaline Mineral Water (blue label)
Toyyibah ice cream (coffee flavor)
Toyyibah ice cream (flavor of Cocoa)
Toyyibah ice cream (Vanilla Flavour
Toyyibah ice cream (Corn Flavour)
Toyyibah ice cream (flavor Yam)
Toyyibah ice cream (vanilla flavor & Coffee Ripple)
Toyyibah ice cream (vanilla flavor & Roselle Ripple)
Toyyibah ice cream (vanilla flavor & Cocoa Ripple)
Toyyibah ice cream (flavor Cocoa & Cocoa Ripple)
Akhil Perfume For Men & Women {NEW}
Chlorophyll Alkaradix Drops (ACD) {NEW}
Anti Pimple Cream
Ardisia (Herbal Gout)
AREN Syrup (syrup, sugar palm sap)
Organic Chicken HPA
Low cholesterol Roasted Chicken (Roasted Chicken Chop)
Az-Zahraa Corset (girdle seven meters)

Organic Fertilizer Production HPA {Retired}
But-but Aromatherapy Balm
Barut Berherba
Balls Chicken (chicken meatball)
Powder Awana
Pomegranate Powder
Pomegranate Seed Powder (for piles)
Jasmine Powder
Jasmin Cold Powder
Awana Cold Powder
Black Powder Cold spots
Cold Powder Series
Powder Seri Melati
Talc Powder Men (IJK)
Talc Powder Women (NJC)
Baby Powder Talc for Men & Women (MHI)
Powder black spots
Organic Rice (1 kg)
Organic Brown Rice (2 kg)
Annazhofah Toothbrush (Soft and Medium)
Toothbrush Kasturi
Radix Biscuits
Radix Chocolate Biscuits
Chocolate Chip Biscuits (Chocolate Chip Cookies)
Suji Biscuits Almond (Almond Cookies)
Hydrating Body Lotion (body lotion)
Body Scrub
Brightening Cleansing Gel
Brightening Night Cream
Jawi Books Medical Herb


     Calming Fluid (Toner)
     CD Album Nasyid Raihan HPA (JOURNEY Struggle & Selawat Theraphy)
     CD Company Profile HPA
     Centella White Protective Sun Cream
     Cleaner Liquid Freesia (3 liters)
     Radix Cereal (Cereal Beverage)
     Fruit Chips
     Popcorn Chicken
     Aromatherapy Conditioner
     Coscinium Plus (Herbal Sinus)
     Clay Hand Wash (liquid hand wash)
     Claypot (Land Mine)
     Chlorophyll Drops
     Nipah vinegar


     D'Det-For detoxification
     D'DEU-For equilibrium temperature
     D'Karm-to colon cleansing
     Organic Meat
     Organic Beef
     meat jerked meat
     Dairy Chocolate} {no stock
     Dark Mint Chocolate} {no stock
     Deep Cleansing (60 seeds)
     Dennyo Versatile (block / insect)
     Dew Flavoured Drinks
     Dew Water Filter (water filter)
     Dew Shower Filter
     Dew Water Filtration System
     Radix Men Deodorant
     Centella Woman Deodorant
     Centella Mild Deodorant


     Mind EQ
     Softgel Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)
     Evergreen Centella (a combination of spirulina and herbs)
     Essential Cream Cleanser


     Fabric Softener Rose (fabric softener)
     Fabric Softener Kenanga (fabric softener)
     Ficus (Herbal Hemorrhoids)
     Fish Burger HPA
     Fish Cake HPA
     Fish Ball HPA
     Flaxseed Oil Softgel
     Foot Lotion (lotion feet)
     HPA Raihan For Men Fragrance (Perfume)
     Raihan HPA Fragrance For Women (perfume)
     Freesia (washing powder) {Retired} Production
     Freesia Liquid (liquid laundry detergent)


Salt Hill HPA {NEW}
Garlic Oil Softgel
Grapeseed oil
Indigo Duck curry} {Retired Production

Black Seed 'Softgel
Hair Conditioner HPA
Hair Mask HPA
Roselle halwa
H.B (Herbs Low Blood Pressure)
Curcumin Herb
Herbal D Campuca
Herbal Jawi (mustache Cat)
Herb Whitish
Herbal Pelawas (remedy Constipation)
Brewed herbs (18 types)
Herbal Foot Immersion
Herbal Pain
Herb Wind Direction

Radix Ice Cream Soda (carbonated drinks)
Dried Fish (Knight Tengkerong)
Dried Fish (Knight Banana)
Dried Fish (Knight Board)
Dried Fish (Knight Payang)
Intensive Brightening Essence
Radix Plus Isotonic (carbonated energy drink) {NEW}

Gamat Jelly Fish Collagen + Black Seed + {NEW}
Pineapple Jam
Roselle Jam

Cut beans
Peanut Punch
Cloth Towels HPA} {no stock
Capsule IMT (Immunity) - a cold medication / pain killer
Capsule Iner G
Sireh Plus Capsules
Potato curry puff
Steamed Fruit Cake
Kek Lapis Prunes, Orange, Roselle
Kenanga Fabric Softener (fabric softener, 2 liters)
Chicken wings Rose (Rose Chicken Wing)
Fat Sweetened soy sauce
Fat is the New Sweet soy sauce (glass bottle)
Soy sauce Salt Fat
New Salt Ketchup (glass bottle)
King Salamon Oil Softgel
Raisin Brain
Kiswah (Rose Water) {Retired} Production
Cocoa Mind
Kopi O Radix (board)
Kopi Radix
Radix Coffee Diet
Sample Dates Honey
Sample Dates Honey + Sugar War
Sample asiatica (pegaga)
Sample Acid Swamp
Sample asiatica + Sugar War
Sample Guava Red
Sample Mango
Sample Roselle
Cream boots-boots
Aromatherapy Nutmeg Cream Production {Retired}
Slimming cream
Wake up to the Sugar War Cake
Dates Mariami

Cheer Lady (Special Washer Woman)
Diaper Babyku (Disposable Diapers-sizes S, M, L, XL) {Retired} Production
Light Moisture Balance

Madulia (cough HPA)
Natural Honey
Nested Honey (Honey Comb)
Honey Ardisia (Herbal Gout)
Honey Coscinium (Herbal Sinus)
Honey Vinegar Nipah
Honey Paramaria
Honey Plantisol
Honey Radix
Tualang Natural Honey Production HPA {Retired}
Metro Magazine HPA
Malac (Herbal Rock)
Sari Bath Cucumber (250 ml)
Anti Sinus Mask
Whitening Mask
Liquid detergent Winehouse
Rose Fabric Softener (fabric softener)
Dry Yellow Noodle Radix
Mega 3 (Capsule)
Men 2 In 1 Wash (body soap and shampoo hair for Men)
Roselle Drink (Tea Bags)
ALG Drink (Tea Bags)
Hirta Herbal Drink (Tea Bags)
Beverages IMT (cure fever)
Sepang Drink (Tea Bags)
Lemongrass Drink (Tea Bags)
Beverages Talbinah {NEW}
Oil Barut
Baby Oil
But oil-Boot
Herbal Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Softgel
Essential oils Sepang
Sahara Petroleum (oil wind)
Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Olive Oil Softgel
Moments (synergistic herbal noni, honey, oak galls, Roselle - a tonic for women)
Multi Vitamin Scrub Mask


     Fish Nugget
     Chicken Nugget


     Omega 3 (softgel)
     Face & Body Moisturizer Omrahaj
     Omrahaj Lip Balm
     Omrahaj Cleansing Gel
     Omrahaj Soap
     Omrahaj Shampoo & Body Wash
     Orange Wash (liquid hand wash)
     organic Noni


     Plus Paramaria
     Dew Water Filter
     Organic Floor Cleaner Merbau
     Widuri Organic Dish
     Angsana Organic Toilet Cleaner
     Insect deterrent Jasmin
     Natural flavor (400 grams) {Retired} Production
     Spicy Tamarind paste (mixture of high-quality squid and shrimp)
     Paste Mee Bandung (Original Taste of Muar)
     Portulaca (orange)
     Portulaca (capsule)
     popcorn Chicken


     Hygiene Racemosa {NEW}
     Radix capsules
     Radix Chocolate Almond
     Radix Chocolate Hazel
     Radix Chocolate Milk
     Radix Ice Cream Soda (carbonated drinks)
     Radix Wine (drinks)
     Radix Cola (drinks)
     Radix Plus Isotonic {NEW}
     Cocoa Radix (packet)
     Cocoa Radix 1 kg (powder)
     Radix Cocoa Board (20 packets of a board)
     Radix Sarsi (drinks)
     Radix Cola 500ml
     Radix Orange 500ml & 1500ml
     Radix Sarsi 500ml
     Radix Sahara (date + 7 herbal cordials Radix)
     Radix Strawberry (drinks)
     Radix Dry Yellow Noodle
     Spices Meat / Poultry
     Fish spices
     Roasted Chicken Chop (Low cholesterol Roast Chicken)
     Rose Chicken Wing (Chicken Wing Rose)
     Roselle Capsule (Vitamin C)
     Roti Canai
     bread Play
     Chocolate Chip Bread Play
     RTD Acid Java
     RTD Pink Guava / Guava Red (Ready To Drink)
     Roselle RTD (Ready To Drink)


     Soap Anti Sinus
     Soap asiatica (Extract Pegaga) {Retired} Production
     Baby soap
     Basirah soap (anti sinusitis) {NEW}
     Cassia soap (Extract Gelenggang) {Retired} Production
     Soap Clay (Coalition of Clay, etc.)
     Pegaga Natural Soap
     Soap Production saffron {Retired}
     soap Spirudetox
     Goat's Milk Soap
     Soap Whitening & Firming
     Sardines in tomato sauce
     Organic Chicken Satay (20 Pins for 1 pack + peanut sauce)
     Maternity set
     Cosmetic Set HPA (7 product quality)
     White Clay Powder
     Kaya Seri Pandan Flavour
     Shark cartilage
     Dew Shower Filter
     Soothing Eye Gel
     Chili Sauce
     Thai sauce
     Roselle Chili Sauce
     Pepper Sauce
     Tomato Sauce
     Chili dipping sauce
     Organic Chicken Sausage
     Spirulina capsules
     Spirumadu (a combination of spirulina and honey)
     Stoma-K (Herbal Slimming)
     Natural Fresh Goat's Milk Production {Retired}
     milk Sarbat
     Aromatherapy shampoo
     Papaya shampoo
     Shampoo Pandan Kasturi
     shampoo Pegaga
     shampoo Sintok
     Wahida shampoo


     Talbinah Drink {NEW}
     Tea Tree Oil Cream (cream multi-purpose)
     Asiatica Tea Plus
     Herbal Tea (Pegaga)
     Tea Manjakani (suitable for men & women)
     Tropical Tea (Herbal mustache Cat)
     tea Sarbat
     Fried Flour RFC
     Tonic Pandan (hair oil)
     Travel Pack Centella White
     Travel Pack Omrahaj


     Herbal Toothpaste
     Toothpaste Charity (for children)
     Miswak Toothpaste


     Vitamin E Natural Sofgel


     Unity (Liquid Dish)
     Brightness Mineral Water Tester
     Whitening Mask

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